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    I understand that my Knapp Properties, Inc. apartment application is contingent upon my eligibility for the Knapp Properties, Inc. rental program. I understand that Knapp Properties, Inc. reserves the right to reject an application for Knapp Properties, Inc. rental for any one or any combination of reasons listed below:

    • unverifiable current rental history • unverifiable past rental history • unacceptable current rental history • unacceptable past rental history • owing money at current rental • owing money at past rental • failure to provide rental history (or proof of residence) for the last two (2) full years • unacceptable credit history • failure to disclose requested information in the application • providing false or misleading information on the application • failure to meet Knapp Properties, Inc. requirements • failure to cooperate with Knapp Properties, Inc. requirements • failure to provide requested information in a timely manner (i.e.: within 10 days of written request) • failure to provide photo identification upon submitting the application for housing • a history of criminal convictions, including but not limited to the manufacturing or distribution of controlled substances, or convictions related to crimes of physical violence to persons or property which have occurred in the last 15 years and which may endanger the health, safety or welfare of other residents. • unacceptable behavior during the application process including, but not limited to, intoxication while conducting business with management staff, or abusive or threatening language or acts toward management or staff, residents or other persons on the property • applicants with pets must have prior written permission from management with the exception of service animals that are considered to be auxiliary aids.

    I understand and agree Management's rights to reject my application for Knapp Properties, Inc. rentals for any of the above reasons. I further understand that Management has a written Resident Selection Plan and it is available at the rental office if l wish to review its contents.

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